Classic massage

Promotes the circulation of blood and the metabolism of the musculature and helps to relieve tension.

Sports massage
Reduction of lactates for faster regeneration after training.

Trigger point therapy
A fast and effective method to relax specific aching muscles.

Manual lymphatic drainage and compression therapy
Promotes the removal of fluids, hormones, and cellular breakdown products from tissues. Also helps reduce bruising and joint swelling. (It is recommended to apply a compression bandage after the treatment to support the therapy).

Connective tissue massage
Influence on internal organs, through targeted treatment of skin areas on the back, which are connected with these organs by nerves.

Manipulative massage according to Dr. Terrier
A mobilizing joint therapy, which combines mobilization with simultaneous soft tissue techniques. The combination of simultaneous movement reduces the pain stimulus on the one hand and at the same time increases the degree of movement of the affected joint. When hearing the name "MANIPULATIVE massage", many think of manipulations known from chiropractic. With "Terrier" there is NO cracking! The therapist fixes the joint to be moved and then, by moving his or her body, to perform a controlled and natural movement.

Kinesio Taping
A flexible tape that can be used in many ways. Different techniques can be used to improve lymph flow, relieve pain or improve mobility.

*The material (tape) is charged separately according to expenditure.

Migraine therapy according to Kern
A gentle method, which is individually adapted to the respective complaints of the patient to achieve an optimal result. For more information can also be found at www.kern-migrä

The prices are not dependent on the type of treatment, but only on the treatment time.
1/2 h CHF 58.-
1 h CHF 116.-

Benefit from a subscription
10 treatments for the price of 9

Of course, vouchers are also available.

Important note health insurance
A billing via the supplementary insurance of your health insurance is possible. Please call your health insurance company in advance and find out directly about the conditions from which you can benefit.